VMworld Day 1

Sunday, August 30th was my first day at VMworld 2015.  So far it contained the following: Over 10 miles of walking/running Playing dodge ball to raise money for the Wounded Warriors charity Checking in to conference and collecting conference material Attending Opening Acts 2015 via #VMunderground group Talking with a lot of community friends at opening... Continue Reading →

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Over they years I've been commended for being able to explain technologies to system administrators, managers, and end users with terms and examples that allowed them understand the technology.  Because of this a friend tried numerous times over a three-year period to get me work for him as a technical pre-sales solutions architect.  For multiple... Continue Reading →

Sending Multiple Variables to a VCO Workflow

I don't consider myself to be a great scripter but I'm really good at searching Google and piecing together what I need.  Lately I've been working on a vCenter Orchestrator workflow that called via a PowerShell script within another application. This is pretty easy to do for static workflows but gets more complicated when needing to pass... Continue Reading →

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