Slack Workflow for Anonymous Posts

I've always been uncomfortable asking personal questions to people I trust, let alone people I don't know. As I've worked harder in this area, there's still things I'd like information on but I'm not comfortable asking my wife, family, or even close friends. At work, we have a Mental Health & Wellness Slack channel. The... Continue Reading →

Applying vSphere Encryption when cloning a VM

We are implementing vSphere Encryption on top of vSAN encryption in a specific solution area.  The basic setup is a vSAN cluster in each of 10 data centers.  The templates are in one data center and cloned to the clusters in each of the other data centers. We created the new storage policy called "VSAN-RAID5-FTT1-Encryption"... Continue Reading →

Company Culture

Part of my current job is to design and coordinate the integration of back-end IT systems when we acquire companies.  To successfully do this I am in A LOT of meetings with other major departments such as Finance, Enterprise Services Applications, Audit, Facilities, the Business Unit purchasing the company, Marketing, Sales, HR and even the... Continue Reading →

Questions you shouldn’t be affraid to ask your boss

One of my favorite topics lately that I've heard on a few podcasts is about job changes and career choices.  There is so much to take into account in looking for a new job or evaluating an opportunity that you weren't looking for.  It's been fun to hear people help others realize their potential and... Continue Reading →

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