Welcome to my stab at a blog in the Information Technology world!!

My name is Eric Lee and I’ve been working in IT since 1994 when I did an internship with Network Management Group (formerly Connecting Point) in Hutchinson, KS at the urging of my mother.  I didn’t listen to my mother a lot when growing up but it was the best thing I ever did!!!  Thanks Mom!!!

I’ve worked at a couple places since then and have been using VMware and other virtualization technologies since 1996.  I’ve worked on large projects such as designing and implementing a global Active Directory Forest based out of Finland and replicated to 21 different countries.  I’ve also worked for a publishing company where we hosted over a thousand websites between internal and external datacenters.  Talk about DNS and domain name registrations nightmares!!!!

Today I’m a Virtualization Engineer for a software development division of a larger company based in Kansas City.  We spin up over 3,500 new VM’s each month (and growing quickly) for automated software builds, automated/manual software testing, training, and support.  I work on all physical and virtual aspects of the software development environment including VMware vCloud Director, vCenter, View, Orchestrator, etc… as well as physical servers, storage, switches.   2012 was really cool for me as I got to be a guest panelist at VMworld for a session on using vCloud Director for software development shops.  I was a little nervous in the beginning as it was my first time speaking in front of that many people.

Have I mentioned I really like what I do??

I met the love of my life at the University of Kansas and we’ve been married since 2006.  We have two beautify daughters and a female dog.  I’m so outnumbered but I love them all.  I’m really into KU sports (yes I know their football team is bad), dirt track racing (sprint cars and midgets), and soccer. My music interests are all over the board so I won’t bore you with any of that.

Feel free to contact me with any questions about IT infrastructure as I enjoy helping others.

Eric Lee


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