Set vApp Templates to Never Expire within Organizations with VAT Storage Leases

In migrating from Lab Manager to vCloud Director one systems administration feature loss (of many) is no longer being able to set lease times for longer periods than the policy states.  This is used when system administrators create library entries that shouldn't expire but any library entry a standard user creates will take on the... Continue Reading →

Tips When Choosing a Cloud Provider

I just finished a short-term project where I VM's hosted in a VCD backed cloud and ran into a few issues during the process that might help others when choosing a cloud provider. I started the project out by calculating resource needs. I then talked with numerous vendors about their clouds and if it would work with... Continue Reading →

Lab Manager to vCloud Director Import Script

One major challenge when migrating from Lab Manager to vCloud Director is getting all of your VM Templates, Library entries, and needed configurations migrated across.  When I first looked at this it there was a partially scripted process using perl code that was long and very hard to understand.  I found it was better to... Continue Reading →

Quckly Setup New Nimble Array via CLI

I've been very impressed with Nimble Storage since using a CS220 for a project last May and running performance tests against it.  We purchased a CS240G shortly after.  If you haven't checked out what they're doing with SSD I highly recommend you do. We just purchased a CS220G to compliment our CS240G and I decided... Continue Reading →

“Fence” vApps or use Internal vApp Networks

Over a year ago we started looking at vCloud Director as it was slated to replace Lab Manager.  The beauty of Lab Manager for us was we could clone the same VM's thousands of times and have them "fenced" from each other for software development, training, automated testing, and supporting clients. We could do this... Continue Reading →

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