VMworld Day 3

Tuesday keynote at VMworld included the announcement that VMworld 2016 will be in Las Vegas.  I personally like this as hotels are cheaper (unless my wife comes and we stay at the Cosmopolitan), lunches always include a hot option (instead of cold boxed lunches we’ve had in San Francisco), and the WiFi in the conference center always works.  WiFi back in 2012 wasn’t too bad here in SF but the past 3 years it’s been borderline atrocious.

The other announcements were all around software version releases and new products released earlier in the year, such as Photon.  There was a lot of EUC talk around Workspace Suite and VMware even brought up a Microsoft rep to talk about the work VMware and Windows are doing with Windows 10.  It was a bit awkward after Microsoft being basically kicked out of the Solutions space years ago.

VMware Identity Manager was release a few weeks ago.  They have a lot of plans for it in the near future which will take it beyond traditional IAM space.  It will take some time and very few specifics were released at this time.

I hit up a lot of great sessions on NSX, vRA and deep dives into vSphere 6.  Most of the data I received came from the VMware User Group (VMUG) Leader lunch.  Special guests Pat Gelsinger, Raghu Raghuram and Kit Colbert.  We were able to have a Q&A session with them where we could ask about any question. One of my favorites was how VMworld is trying to help educate college students on Virtualization since most come out with little to no knowledge of what it is. When those students get out of college and into the IT world they have to learn on the job, which is very tough on the company hiring them. VMworld is working to donate software and education material to help bridge this gap.  One VMUG group is actually working with ITT Tech on a program and had a couple students attending VMworld with them.

The other awesome thing they talked about was that Photon will be open sourced as they believe other vendors will be heading in the same direction as well.  The base system running containers should be as small as possible and might as well be available to all.

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