Citrix Summit Day 1 Thoughts

I’m in Las Vegas this week for Citrix Summit and there’s been some very nice announcements, failed live demos (happens to us all), freezing cold rooms, great lunch, and a lack of pop/tea for those of us who don’t drink coffee.  Overall all it’s been a good conference so far.

Some of the announcements that caught my eye are:

  1. XenServer 6.5 release fixes Dynamic Memory issues on desktops within XenServer while using NVIDIA grid cards.
  2. Citrix Workspace Services is now Citrix Workspace Cloud.
  3. “Ultra-Converged” term coined.  Same as Hyper-converged but GPU added to the stack.
  4. Workspace Pod announced.  Basically the EVO:RAIL for Citrix but also includes networking.  Two providers, HP and dataON.
  5. It’s the Year Of The VDI, 6th year running. That’s an inside joke but heard this in different terms multiple times.
  6. New StoreFront is customizable by the end use.  This was really cool.
  7. Desktop Player for Windows.
  8. Full Linux desktops, and they performed very well.
  9. XenMobile 10 announced.
  10. “There’s the boss and then there’s the She-E-O.”
  11. Citrix acquires Sanbolic for storage virtualization –
  12. X1 Prototype Mouse – Bluetooth connected mouse for use with new R1 Citrix Receiver on iPad/iPhone.  Works as standard BT mouse on PC though.
  13. Citrix NetScaler ADC’s rock!!! Better performance and scaling than F5.

There’s more but this is what really caught my eye.

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