Large Scale Image Pipeline – Part 3 – Query Artifactory via PowerShell

When working on large automation projects, there's always a couple challenges that pop up. Usually one of theses issues stems from the lack of examples to complete a step with the selected scripting language. While working on an Image Pipeline project, I needed to search Artifactory for all OS Image artifacts within a repo that... Continue Reading →

Large Scale Image Pipeline – Part 2 – Image Build Process

In the past couple of posts I've outlined our environment and our goals/requirements for an on-premises Image Pipeline process. I then went through setting up vSphere JSON Persistent Content Libraries to a single datastore for faster item sharing across multiple vCenter servers. In this post, I'll go over the Image Build process itself. I'm not... Continue Reading →

Large Scale Image Pipeline – Overview

I've been working on multiple projects over the past couple years and most of them need to consume images of some flavor across multiple data centers (we have 10 in our metro with multiple network spaces). One team was managing vCenter templates (in case automation platform failed or a custom deployment needed) while an automation... Continue Reading →

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