Hyper-V 2016 Shows up as Windows 10 in WSUS

I’ve been working within a POC of SCVMM/Hyper-V 2016 in our lab for about 8 months in preparation for a production deployment.  After WannaCry I was validating patching and noticed the Hyper-V hosts were not getting patches.  We have a WSUS server setup that is pushing all security and critical patches.

Upon looking in WSUS it turns out that host installs via Hyper-V 2016 ISO show up as Windows 10.Hyper-V.png

Here’s what Windows Server 2016 shows within WSUS (both Core & GUI).2016.png

I reported the issue to Microsoft.  They verified the bug and are working on a patch to fix this within WSUS.  They updated the ticket with an estimated release within the September patch cycle (I believe it’s the 19th).

Until then you have to force patches via Microsoft and not WSUS.

Updated – The patch was not released in September and was pushed to October 2017.

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